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Our staff handles all of our product with precision and care, and all employees are trained and highly qualified in their area of expertise. We take our time during all steps of production and do not cut corners, as quality and integrity is our top priority. We follow CGMPs (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) for Dietary Supplement manufacturing, this enables us to ensure our customers that we are offering them the highest quality product. CGMPs apply to all aspects of production, storage, facility design, equipment maintenance, record-keeping, cleanliness, pest control and complete traceability of all product from beginning to end. Every facet of our entire operation is overseen by our quality department and closely monitored at all times. We even apply our own quality standards outside of our own facility to other operations, such as third-party labs and our raw ingredient suppliers. This ensures we have control of quality and consistency at all stages of production.

In order to produce top-quality product, we start by sourcing plants from farms with whom we know and trust. Knowing the procedures and standards of the growing operation ensures the quality of the end product we will be producing.

All of our suppliers go through our vendor-qualification program. We conduct periodical visits to our suppliers to ensure all grow and harvest protocols are adhered to so plants are grown, harvested, cured and stored according to strict standards. We qualify all of our suppliers to make sure their operations are up to our standards.

Monitoring Quality in Our Facility

The environmental conditions that we monitor include temperature and humidity, strict pest control procedures, as well as the monitoring of staff hygienic practices and the overall cleanliness of the grounds and facility. All raw ingredient and finished product are kept from exposure to light, and the temperature and humidity of our warehouse is controlled and monitored at all times.

Testing Protocol

Reliable third-party lab testing is extremely important to us, and allows us to be able to guarantee quality, potency and consistency to our customers. Trusting and knowing the capabilities and protocol of our third-party labs is something we take very seriously, and we believe the time spent on this is well worth it. We test every batch for potency and each assay is available for our customers for the specific batch they are purchasing. Not only do we test finished product, but we also test raw ingredient as well. When applicable, we test for terpenes, residual solvents (VOC), Mold/Mildew/Fungus/Yeast, E.coli/Salmonella, Mycotoxin, Heavy Metals, and Pesticides.

Staying Current

In the ever-changing dynamics of this industry, we are always doing our part to stay current with regulations, standards, market research, extraction methods and technologies. In addition to overseeing all in-house operations, our Quality Department devotes time and energy into research of current topics and findings surrounding this industry, as there are so many facets that change from day to day. We attend educational events, symposiums, conferences, trade shows, law seminars and are always seeking out training on new methods and processes relevant to our services and products.