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Flower VolumeRaw Extraction HydrocarbonRaw Extraction Co2Winterization & DecarboxylationFractional DistillationCrystalline IsolationTotal Hydro Cost/lb of inputTotal Co2 Cost/lb of input
< 1000 lbs$100/lb input*$140/lb input*$20/lb input*$40/lb input*$40/lb input*$200$240
1000 - 2500 lbs$90/lb input*$130/lb input*$18/lb input*$36/lb input*$36/lb input*$180$220
2500-5000 lbs$80/lb input*$120/lb input*$16/lb input*$32/lb input*$32/lb input*$160$200
5000-7500 lbs$70/lb input*$110/lb input*$14/lb input*$28/lb input*$28/lb input*$140$180
7500-10000 lbs$60/lb input*$100/lb input*$12/lb input*$24/lb input*$24/lb input*$120$160
10000-20000 lbs$50/lb input*$90/lb input*$10/lb input*$20/lb input*$20/lb input*$100$140
> 20000 lbs$40/lb input*$80/lb input*$8/lb input*$16/lb input*$16/lb input*$80$120
* "input" refers to initial volume of flower introduced into the process